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Buy1Get1 Beverly Hills Perfect White Extreme ToothPaste OFFER

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New Extreme White amethyst toothpaste contains cetraria islandica extract and Japanese pyrophosphates which combine to create a unique stain removal activity and ensures naturally enhanced plaque prevention to brighten, lighten and whiten teeth. This formulation also includes isosorbide which is an innovative ingredient which reduces the growth of bacteria. Due to new generation pyrophosphates, the product helps to provide better, more reliable results delivering a real ‘clean feel’ with lasting build up action, when used daily.

✓ Excellent stain removal
✓ Low abrasion
✓ Eliminates bad breath

Brush for 2 minutes
Daily use

 Studies on Beverly Hills Formula compared to other Whitening Toothpaste shows that Beverly Hills Formula  have the lowest RDA in the market (less than 100) which makes it Safe on the teeth surface ,suitable for a daily use and proven results in whitening