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About Us

About Us

Our Company

Ultramed specializes in importing and distributing world-class dental and medical brands. Ultramed offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality Oral Hygiene products from the world’s leading manufacturers. In addition we offer unique and Innovative Pharmaceutical Products.

Since it’s founding in 2012, Ultramed has become one of the most influential dental and oral hygiene supplier in Kuwait. This success is built on its experience in the market, as well as close cooperation with customers, paving the way for rapid company growth.

Assisted by a team of specialists in dentistry, oral hygiene and Pharmacist, Ultramed is committed to educate and raise awareness among the public, pharmacists and doctors about the importance of oral hygiene using the latest technology and best products in the field. As well as, the importance of the Orthomolecular medicine for the general well being.

Our Vision

“To Sustain and Enhance Dental Hygiene, Oral Healthcare & Well Being, particularly of the Young Kuwaiti and Middle Eastern Population and World Wide !

Our Mission

“To be the leading dental and Oral health care supplier organization in Middle East known for providing state of the art innovative products  approved by the ADA at attractive prices with Distinctive customer care

Our Values

Excellence : Dedication to delivering quality and value to customers , with Pragmatism and Independence.

Openness : Close collaboration with our customers based on accountability , respect and Honesty an understanding of their business.

Team Work : Thriving through as strong team work , learning and development, in a supportive and fun culture.

Our Brands




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